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3:15PM (3點1刻) Red Oolong Tea (18 Tea Bags) x 1 + Tapioca Pearls(500g) x 1


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Red Oolong tea (紅烏龍)is named because the color of the after being brewed. This tea is highly fermented and medium roasted which gives it a honey roasted flavour and aroma.

The process in making this tea type makes it the exclusive to Taiwan. The process involves bugs eating the leaves and in response the plant will release enzymes that will send sugar to the damaged area for recovery. This recovery mechanism can change the taste of the leaves.

  • Certified Halal Food
  • Serve both Cold or Hot ; No added preservatives
  • Product of Taiwan

Taste: The taste is delightful, of a medium roasted oolong with bright notes of honey and ripe fruits.

Tapioca pearls (木薯珍珠) are balls that are made from starch and infused with a caramel like syrup. They go great with traditional milk tea from Taiwan or other sweet tea.

The Tapioca pearls can be enjoyed after just 10 Mins in Hot Water. The chewy texture is made freshly cooked, no added preservatives. It is also convenient, fast and safe. You can enjoy the deliciousness of real ingredients at home. It is very suitable for gifts and personal use.

Package: 3:15PM (3點1刻) Red Oolong Tea (18 Tea Bags) x 1 + Tapioca Pearls(500g) x 1

Health Benefits
  • Go greasy
  • Anti-tumor
  • Anti-aging
  • Lose weight, Promote the breakdown of fat in the blood
  • Reduce the level of cholesterol
How To Make The Bubble Milk Tea

How to make the bubble milk tea

Our Promise
  • Have certificates to ensure safety & quality assurance
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