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3:15PM (3點1刻) Strawberry Popping Boba Milk Tea(4 sets)


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Milk tea with fruity popping boba, pop out new tasty.
Easy 3 step, hot brew and add ice cubes, speedy made a cup of drink. Enjoy the delicious of popping boba milk tea at ease, drink with straw and popping boba pop with light bite, luscious fruit juice bursts into mouth with not greasy, definitely amaze you at the instant!

Unlike others, our popping boba contain absolutely no preservatives. Safe to eat!

  • Real tea leaves, pure milk tea
  • Popping boba pop with light bite, fruity aroma fills the mouth, yummy and fun
  • Multilevel sweet and sour fruit juice with not greasy
  • Popping boba as crystal clear as jewel, sparkling and colorful
  • Increase the richness and layering of drinks
  • Mellow milk tea combined with fruity popping boba, double flavor double yum
  • Drink with straw for best mouthfeel
      Package Contains
      • Strawberry Popping Boba 50g each  x 4
      • Milk Tea Teabag 20g each  x 4
      • Straw  x 4
      Brewing Instructions

      1. Put tea bag into a cup, pour 100c.c. boiling water
      2. Steep it for 3~5 mins and using tea spoon to press tea bag until appears tea color
      3. Add 100g ice cubes 3. Wait for cold down, add popping boba and insert straw stir slightly, enjoy it.

      *Avoid pressing popping boba to ensure better taste
      *Adjust the amount of water and steeping time according to your personal preferences

      Our Promise
      • Have certificates to ensure safety & quality assurance
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