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Purple Rice 600g [gluten-free] 有機黑糯糙米
Purple Rice 600g [gluten-free] 有機黑糯糙米
Purple Rice 600g [gluten-free] 有機黑糯糙米
Load image into Gallery viewer, Purple Rice 600g [gluten-free] 有機黑糯糙米
Load image into Gallery viewer, Purple Rice 600g [gluten-free] 有機黑糯糙米
Load image into Gallery viewer, Purple Rice 600g [gluten-free] 有機黑糯糙米

Purple Rice 600g [gluten-free] 有機黑糯糙米

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Single Region: Fuli Village, Haulien County, Taiwan

Variety: 100% organic farmed & processed purple rice (nickname: 黑糯)

Net Weight: 600g, serve 15-20 people

Purple rice is also known as "emperor rice". It has been rarely grown and in the ancient Chinese history, only royal family was allowed to have this luxury.

Purple rice looks black before cooking, so sometimes also called black rice. The colour of cooked purple rice becomes purple, which shows to contain a rich anthocyanin. 

It is sticky, so in addition to cooked as rice, it is broadly used in making desserts in the Asian culture. 

Taiwan purple rice is 600g vacuum sealed packaged in the single region of Fuli village in the cleanest environment of east coast Hualien. It is organically farmed and processed by the organic certified factory locally. 

      Health Benefits

      According to the recent studies, reports of purple rice might provide the following major health benefits: 

      1. Metabolic flexibility (rich of Vit. B)
      2. Relex muscles from the stress (rich of magnesium)
      3. Release women's period pain (rich of iron)
      4. Many other benefits, such as rich of fiber, anti-aging, anti-oxidant, etc.
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            We pride ourselves on the integrity of the in ingredients and maintaining time honoured methods. Where possible I visit the place where the ingredients originate from, to meet the farmers. it is important to connect with the people who dedicate their lives, to a challenging but a highly worthy cause. We have generated thousands of customers in the past six years (since my start as a sole trader) with more than 85% repeated purchases of our pure kombucha carefully brewed with 100% natural/ organic ingredients. I believe that my kombucha is the best on the market, my following confirms this.

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