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Chérie Roselle Essence 5 packs 田心里洛神淬五包盒裝


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Strictly selected Taiwan fresh roselle, no pesticides, no heavy metal residues. New technology extraction, full of rich roselle and jujubes essence. Added more than a dozen fresh mushroom polysaccharide extracts to make it more nutritious. No caffeine, no added sugar, no artificial flavors. Carry-on ready-to-drink upgraded packaging for convenience and freshness.

Product Ingredient:

  • Roselle Extract: Contains protocatechuic acid, total polyphenols, and other nutrients.
  • Jujube Extract: Contains iron and 17 essential amino acids.
  • Mushroom polysaccharide: rich in protein, cellulose, vitamin D, etc.


100% Taiwan Roselle Extract台灣洛神花精華萃取+紅棗多醣體精華。嚴選台灣生產新鮮洛神花,無農藥、重金屬殘留。新式技術萃取,滿滿濃郁的洛神花及紅棗精華。額外添加十種新鮮菇蕈多醣體萃取,營養更加倍!無咖啡因、無加糖、無人工香料。隨身攜帶即飲升級包裝,便利、新鮮。


  • 洛神花萃取:含原兒茶酸、總多酚等多種營養素。
  • 紅棗萃取精華:含鐵及17種人體必需胺基酸。
  • 菇蕈多醣體:富含蛋白質、纖維素、維生素D等。

Suitable for drinking:

Those who are tired, those who want to improve their digestive health, those who need help falling asleep, and those who want to hydrate and look good.

Roselle is a cold food. Although jujubes are used to neutralize its characteristics, please choose according to your own conditions for menstrual period, physical deficiency, pregnant women, and postpartum breastfeeding. If you feel unwell, please stop eating it immediately. We do not recommend drinking for pregnant women and postpartum.



最近太操勞、生活壓力大者, 體內欠環保者,外⻝族群,嘴饞想喝飲料者,想要養顏美容者,需要幫助入睡者,想要補水好氣色者。


    Brewing Instructions

    Soak the sachet in hot water to warm it up or drink it directly without dilution, enjoy the richness of our roselle essence, or add into sparkling water or wine.


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