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Tapioca Pearls Boba Lychee Flavour (500g)
Tapioca Pearls Boba Lychee Flavour
Tapioca Pearls Boba Lychee Flavour (500g)
Load image into Gallery viewer, Tapioca Pearls Boba Lychee Flavour (500g)
Load image into Gallery viewer, Tapioca Pearls Boba Lychee Flavour
Load image into Gallery viewer, Tapioca Pearls Boba Lychee Flavour (500g)

Tapioca Pearls Boba Lychee Flavour (500g)

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Lychee flavour tapioca pearls have the crunchiness and chewiness of tapioca pearls. It does not turn hard when kept refrigerated like tapioca pearls. And, the best part is it has a very mild lychee sweetness that can go with fruity beverages and desserts.

We all know cooking tapioca pearls is a tedious work that lasts at least 30minutes per cook. This ready-to-serve pearl has the crunchiness and chewiness of tapioca pearls. The Tapioca pearls can be enjoyed after just 10 Mins in Hot Water or 30 seconds in microwave oven. The chewy texture is made freshly cooked. It is also convenient, fast and safe. You can enjoy the deliciousness of real ingredients at home. It is very suitable for gifts and personal use.

Tapioca pearls are now widely used as a topping in drinks as well as desserts. Suitable for cold and warm beverages or dessert.

  • Authentic Taiwan Tapioca Pearls
  • No artificial sugar added, vegetarian  
  • Ready to Eat : Hot water in 10 minutes or 30s in microwave oven 
  • Suitable for Bubble Tea, Hot or Cold serving
  • 1 Pack - 500g /pack , 100% imported from Taiwan
  • Storage: Keep at room temperature and refrigerated after opening

    Perfectly Chewy Tapioca Pearls

    Not One but Five More Mouthwatering Flavours to Choose From

    From the outside, tapioca pearls bring magic to your bubble tea experience like no other. First up, they beckon you to give the drink a try — and grant your palates a timely break. That means those mysterious balls that adorn the now-so-famous concoction confer boba desserts a delicious boost: an extra chewy bite filled with out-of-this-world succulence to make you long for more.

    Thus, it’s but timely that you widen your bubble tea horizons. Thankfully, there may not be a better way to do it than with our latest tapioca pearl offerings: a collection of not one but five more uber-delicious flavours to raise your cuppa boba time a notch or two higher. And reap all the health goodies thereafter.

    Tapioca pearls are now widely used as a topping in drinks as well as desserts. It is not only for making bubble tea, but goes really well with sparkling drinks, cocktails, smoothie, yogurt, ice-cream, cake or any dessert! Suitable for cold and warm beverages or dessert.

    NEW! Tapioca Flavour. More Tapioca Choices, Greater Boba Experience

    Bubble tea is all about choices. Indeed, if there’s one thing that made boba shoot to the top as a trendy drink, it’s the drink’s ability to be customized. To your heart’s desire. Now, your boba world just got bigger with five new mouth-watering tapioca flavours in the offing.


    Take note: The sweetness of lychee fruit is usually charted at 8 on a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 as the sweetest). So, reward yourself with a taste of this red-husked fruit in your bubble tea and recharge your day with tons of gusto.

    Passion Fruit

    Have you tried tasting passion fruit? Well, with this boba, you won’t need to go far to have a bite and bring on the jelly-like flesh with a tropical citrusy flavour that’s as refreshing as can be.


    Now, long no more for your fave candy flavour. With tapioca pearls that taste like Vitis Labrusca grapes, it’s the closest thing to dining with fresh grapes on the table — minus the tartness.


    Do you know that as the strawberry fruit ripens its sugar content rises to about 5%? Well, it’s about time you discover for yourself by incorporating these sweet tapioca pearls in your milk tea concoction.


    There’s a reason why mango is one of the top five most consumed fruit in the world. With these QQ balls, all you have to do is get them into your boba drink and you get your fair share of great-tasting mango to add zest to your day.

    Top Quality Product Above and Beyond

    A product can only be as good as the manufacturer that made it. This is where our tapioca pearls stand heads above the rest. We ensure quality is factored right from Day 1. 

    Best served either HOT or COLD bubble tea

    You need not think twice about how to take up your tapioca as you can consume them either sizzling hot or super cold with crushed ice. They blend perfectly well. That means you can have the gluten-free diet you need in a flash.

    No Artificial Sugar Added, Fully Vegetarian

    While artificial sugars may help limit your daily calorie count, they can also pose health risks such as weight gain and type-2 diabetes in children. Luckily, we’ve made sure there are no artificial sugars in ALL OUR TAPIOCA FLAVOURS — from the oldest to the newest of the bunch.  That means you’re assured you can enjoy the mouth-watering succulent taste of QQ balls minus the complications of artificial sweeteners. 

    Even better, enjoy the full goodness of our latest tapioca without worrying about bringing harm to animals. Indeed, these balls are as VEGETARIAN as you want them. Succumb to the beauty of natural sweeteners here for your greater well-being. 

    100% Authentic Taiwan Tapioca Pearls

    Taiwan is the home of some of the best cultivars of the Camella Sinensis plant, the shrub from which flows true teas (e.g., green tea, oolong) that have endowed the world with a better shot at health. The high altitude difference means more tea pectin as mountains are foggy and cloudy and sunshine is low. As a result, increased tea sweetness and less bitter taste. 

    So, getting your tapioca pearls from Taiwan can only mean ensuring your drink has a suitable companion that fits your taste best. It’s but thinking straight. 

    Health Drink Magic on the Go

    You don’t want to take forever to sink your teeth into these chewy delicious tapioca balls, right? And this is exactly why our boba pearls matter most. 

    As Fresh as You Want Them

    When you open our 500-gram pack of tapioca pearls, you’re opening a bag of freshness. Yes, freshly cooked and with no added preservatives, the QQ balls you have here are beaming with delicious bravado with real ingredients at your disposal. 

    As Fast as You Want Them

    No need for long hours of waiting! All it takes is 10 minutes in hot water and these mouthwatering tapioca pearls are ready to dive and be part of your most sought-after milk tea concoction. Or you can also put these magical balls into your desserts and other tea ensembles to spice them all up and start your day.

    As Healthy as You Want Them

    As these carbohydrate-filled balls are gluten-free, they’re a great choice for people suffering from celiac disease, wheat allergy, or gluten ataxia. Consult your doctor when in doubt or if you’re under medication. Even better, these balls can help you bulk up, develop strong muscles and gain weight. Moreover, if you’re an expecting mother, the extensive amount of folate in these QQ balls is a great help for safe and worry-free delivery. 

    Lastly, our tapioca fits best for a vegan. It comes from 100% cassava roots. However, tapioca mixed with milk (e.g., tapioca pudding) is not recommended for strict vegan dieters.


    For best results, follow these instructions to make bubble tea that first your discriminating tastes to a T. Also, limit your consumption to as much as one to two cups of tapioca pearls weekly. 

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