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Formosan Farms Tea Ceremony Set

Formosan Farms

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Formosan Farms Tea Ceremony Set

The Formosan Farms Tea Ceremony Set allows you to prepare and enjoy tea in a ritual way from the comfort of your home. Great care was taken in producing these sets as close to origins with a touch of modern aesthetics added. We assure you that this tea set greatly enhances the mood and is time proven methods in calming a person and relaxing them. Perfect for guests coming over or just some quiet time.

Click to view a short video of How To enjoy a tea ceremony at home.

Package Includes

1. Traditional Empire-style Tea Pot: 180ml/ 1 piece

2. Tea Jug: 150ml/ 1 piece

3. Sand Timer: 3 mins, 4 mins, 5 mins/ 1 piece

4. Tea Cups: 25ml/ 2 pieces

5. Tea Tray: wooden draining board/ 1 piece

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