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Formosan Farms Taiwan Oolong Tea Ceramic Caddy

Formosan Farms

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This Ceramic Tea Caddy contains rare grade whole leaves of Taiwan Oolong tea. This Taiwan tea has been previously endorsed at Kensington Royal charity event and has also been featured at Harrods and other premium London restaurants. 
Size: 9.5cm*5.3cm(no bags)
Weight: 20g
Our Promise

 Fair contract & Single originRespect & support small tea farms

 Organic farming & Eco-friendly farmPesticide free, herbicide free, chemical free. additives free

 Varieties of ChoicesOne-stop collection of 1 single-origin Taiwan small farm handmade teas. Hand-picked, hand-processed, and hand-packed all on the farm. 

 Environmental-friendly design concept: ceramic caddy

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