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TenRen The Cultivating Heart Ox Purple Clay Teapot(170cc±10cc)


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The cow is a loyal and kind animal. The labor partners of humans since ancient times have always quietly cultivated their fields and worked silently to moisten the earth with blood and sweat. People respect it, trust its honesty and commitment, and the simple warm and saturated happiness it brings to people.
Have you and I worked hard for life? Just like the farming cows of the past, they are always diligent and unswerving, plowing the acre of land in front of them with their feet on the ground. The price of hard work also brings a rich and splendid life, but with the increase of age and the experience of the years, with the development of technology after changing the way of agricultural management, looking at the harvested acres, is it impossible to find the initial simple happiness?
Let the honest and simple farming heart cow brew a cup of warm tea, and find the simple happiness for you and me again!
The round contour of the pot brings out the full body of the cultivating heart cow pot; the strong and powerful horns have an elegant and unyielding spirit in the meander. Getting rid of the complex image is just to regain the simple original intention. Finally, with a leisurely look and a cute auspicious bird incarnation, it is like riding a gentle breeze and strolling on the avenue of life. In the times of restlessness, start from the heart, once again find the simple happiness after settled down!
The product has deep connotation, elegance, fine craftsmanship, and complete style. It is deeply loved by domestic and foreign collectors and purple sand lovers.
  • Product Name: The Cultivating Heart Ox 耕心(牛)
  • Clay Material: Purple Sandy Clay
  • Capacity: 170cc±10cc
  • Place of Origin: Taiwan
  • Craftsmanship: Handmade
  • Packing: Gift box
Brewing Advice

This teapot is more suitable for brewing cooked Pu-erh tea, old white tea, oolong tea, black tea, etc. We recommend that one type of tea is brewed in one teapot.

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