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3:15pm Roasted Oolong

3:15pm Roasted Oolong

3:15PM Roasted Oolong Tea

Our roasted oolong loose leaf tea is bound to overwhelm you. Not only is it meticulously processed to capture your discerning tastes, but also contains the most sought-after catechins at their freshest.

That speaks volumes on two things: finest grade processing and topnotch cultivation. If you want your cup of oolong at its healthiest, worry no more. This perfectly roasted loose leaf oolong has you covered.


Perfect Roasting Matters

Take note that a plant can only be as good as the land it is rooted in. Thus, the best Camellia Sinensis leaves don’t grow just about anywhere; they’re in the high mountains of Hsinchu County in Taiwan. That’s 700 meters above sea level — where the world’s most cherished oolongs are sourced.

That means, these tea leaves grew with:

  • The right supply of humidity and sunlight
  • Perfect subtropical temperature range with a lot of fog
  • The right climate fermentation

But processing matters too. And this is where our oolong tea stands a head taller than the competition.

Unlike run-of-the-mill oolongs, we use only choice top-grade leaves that are hand-harvested for best results. What’s more, to arrive at just the right standard water content, the leaves are charcoal-roasted to perfection. And whisked into patented airtight jars to lock all that freshness in for keeps.


Tons of Roasted Loose Leaf Oolong Tea Health Benefits

In the end, you get an oolong with a very nice aroma and a floral honey taste that soothes your fears and calms your nerves. But that’s not all. No, sir.

Equipped with an army of catechins (e.g., EGCG) and antioxidants, these tea concoctions can help you fight some of the world’s most dreaded diseases. Examples include:

  • Fight tumors/cancers
  • Promote heart health
  • Help lose weight

It’s amazing how a simple tea habit can counter free radical damage. So, don’t just drink any tea. For a superior experience, drink a perfectly-roasted loose-leaf oolong.

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