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Facing problems as an afterthought can be challenging. That's why at OrientalTeaBox, we have taken a stand to prioritise sustainability from the very beginning. We integrate sustainability goals into every aspect of our business, from product development to customer service, while working closely with our business partners to ensure that they share our values and uphold the planet's long-term well-being. Discover more about our sustainability initiatives and how we are working towards a brighter future.


OrientalTeaBox, Oriental Culture Amalgamation
With deep-rooted values in craftsmanship, art and health. We connect culture, people, stories, techniques, ideas and companies.

Blog posts

Nov 16, 2023

Tea for Diabetes: A Cuppa a Day Keeps the Endocrinologist Away!

Here’s where tea from the Camella Sinensis evergreen shrub can be truly heaven-sent — and in time for World Diabetes ...

Oct 30, 2023

Lishan Organic Oolong: 3 Sustainable Secrets How This High Mountain Oolong is the Planet’s “King of Tea”

Indeed, Lishan organic oolong is not just any other oolong in the market today. Its sustainability measures in proce...

Oct 26, 2023

Green Tea for Blood Circulation: 3 Amazing Secrets How a Cuppa Can Help You Live Longest

Green tea isn’t just a cuppa to wake your senses in the morning and get your game face on for work and play. Above a...
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