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How To Enjoy Bubble Tea At Home

Have tapioca pearls and bubble milk tea on the table

Bubble tea is not hard to make

Of course, you may not make a good one from the onset but after some time, your skill level should improve. And your prospects of sipping an oh-so-delicious boba tea increase.

Here are 3 sought-after bubble tea recipes from all over the world. And how you can make each one of them.

Persian rose bubble milk tea

Persian Rose Milk Tea Recipe Below

Below is a classic twist of the boba drink from the Middle East. You
should be wowed by the exotic rose fragrance adding lots of fun to this sought-after drink.

Japanese matcha bubble milk tea

Japanese Matcha TEA RECIPE BELOW

Almost every tea in Japan is green tea. So it’s no accident we have Japanese matcha as one of the most ordered cups in the Asian nation. Japan’s love for Matcha can be seen in its cakes and chocolates.

Brazilian Mojito Iced Boba TEA RECIPE BELOW

Rio is a haven for life. It may well be the capital of South America. To note, mojitos have been a classic cocktail coming from Brazil. The alcohol-free boba recipe below should quench your third.

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