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About Us

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OrientalTeaBox is a company located in the United Kingdom. Our business activities include the distribution of tea and tea set accessories, while representing the quality and reliability of the goods. In addition to our own branded products, our product line also includes highly recognized tea brands from Japan and Taiwan. Relying on our high standards for health and taste, we make good use of our expertise in tea evaluation, and strive to select high-quality tea products for our customers. We pay attention to every detail of the origin, planting and making of tea. We know that every tea is hard-won, and every leaf is a gift from nature to mankind, and we start to protect it from the beginning.Perhaps you are overwhelmed by the dazzling array of tea products on the market. How should you choose? Some Teas are more expensive than others. You may wonder whether the expensive tea represents good quality. We believe that you will have your own standards for tea, and we want to find high quality tea for you and your loved ones. As a result, we start with tea evaluation and check every tea product so that you can have a healthier, happier and better tea ceremony life.

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