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Our Masters

With the idea of selling a lifestyle and not simply a product, we aspire to create a platform that gives our customers a memorable shopping experience and foster the growth of oriental brands and Masters. Beauty, health & creativity trumps all, hence we strive to give you brands that have the potential to transform your lifestyle!

The stunning skills of these magical masters result in exceptionally fine, gossamery and artistic products. These luxurious, glamorous pieces are the true heritage of the century-old artisan workmanship. At the same time, the product needs an artisan who spends months and sometimes years together to complete the products.

PAUL SHERRING (Pure Kombucha)

Pure Kombucha is an authentic artisan fermented probiotic product made with only the finest tea, sourced from highest quality farms throughout Asia. Hand crafted kombucha in Essex England, it takes 8 to 12 weeks to make a bottle, with only the best quality teas and natural herbs with many health benefits.

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DR. I HAN (Formosan Farms)

Tea, Companion, Place and Arts form the essence of Formosan Farms. They try to call people around the world, to raise up their souls, to buy a great tea and shape the world's tea culture.

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