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Mr. Justin Chu(3:15pm)

Justin Chu founded Shih Chen Foods Company— proud makers of the world-renowned Taiwanese tea brand 3:15 PM. His visionary leadership and unwavering passion pushed the envelope continually to establish Taiwanese tea as the finest on the planet today. And the results speak for themselves. 

First, Justin focused on mastering tradition. 

Coming from a long line of tea farmer ancestors and mindful of the centuries-old teamaking tradition perfected from generation to generation, Justin has partnered with the leading farmers of Nantou, mountain ranges in Taiwan long held as most ideal for growing tea. 

Then, innovation. 

The company broke the barriers of the traditional powder form of instant milk tea by putting together whole oolong tea leaves and black tea as the base — along with a “secret recipe” of tastes and flavors. 

That’s how the world’s first “teabag” milk tea came into being. 

Such prodigious output is bound to attract the world’s attention. And true enough, their products have been nominated recently as:

.Best Seller on Amazon in Europe

.Best Seller on Amazon in the United States

In short, the 3:15 PM brand has gained a foothold in the global market. In the process, the company has placed Taiwan tea products on the map. 

And then some. 

Taking to heart the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, the company has made it a point to develop an ecological tea garden. Plus, it is making the most of cutting-edge agricultural technology with its micron biotech cold-brew technology. 

Indeed, the company is moving the needle without taking its eyes off Mother Earth’s well-being. 

The best part is their wide variety of nutritious drinks is delicious enough to make your mouth water. It's no surprise that it's gaining global attention and trending. 

That’s the beauty and magic of 3:15 PM, the easy-to-grab afternoon tea drink the world can’t help but love. 

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