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Dr. I Han(Formosan Farms)

Tea master is using traditional methods to process tea.

Dr. Han and her team did a nationwide survey of over 1300 tea farms in Taiwan in 2015. She then decided to found Agra Boutique Social Enterprise based on her book of "Common Good Business Model" Theory, and started to support 15 independent small tea farms in Taiwan. The single origin family farms keep their sustainable traditions in tea plantations and processing methods, with five to twenty decades of family expertise. These Formosan farms are selected because they represent the original spirit of cultivation along with the specific landscape, soil condition, sunshine and rain, and their untold handcrafting secret throughout the time. Formosan promotes the best quality single origin teas with sustainable and ethical teas, which preserves the Formosan heritage of handpicked and handcrafted whole leaves in its tradition, while keeps away of all pesticides, herbicides, and chemicals.She and those farms respect the nature as well as tradition in order to serve soul and soil from farm to teacup. They also innovated the best taste in cold brew tea and fermented tea, or kombucha (in collaboration with Pure Kombucha in England), in order to serve the health-seeking conscious consumers. Her UK company, Formosan Farms, represented the best tea products in Kensington Palace charity event and sold in some premier restaurants in Harrods and London. Their rare and authetic teas achieved tremendous success in Taiwan, Hongkong, USA, New Zealand, EU, and UK. Over 15 varieties of whole leaves ranges from green to red, including Biluochun green, Dah Yeh green, Jinxuan green, Wenshan Baozhong, Alishan High Mountain oolong, Lishan High Mountain oolong, Jinxuan oolong, Four-season oolong, Dongding oolong, Red oolong, Oriental Beauty, GABA tea, Red Jade, Red Rhyme, and Native Mountain tea. As her promise, Formosan Farms only delivers seasonality, speciality, originality, and spirit, in a social-responsible manner.

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