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How to Brew a White Tea?

All the meticulous processing, the handpicking and strict observance of details, means one thing: greater price. You’ll find that white tea is the most expensive of all tea available in the market today. Small wonder why for centuries it was served only to emperors and not to common folks.

For many, the astronomical price can surely give shivers to one’s spine, leaving them reluctant to steeping the brew. Truth be told, your first cup can look like a tall order.

But, there’s a reason you should be wary and on your toes. Unlike other tea types, white tea discourages experimentation. Poor preparation techniques will surely lead to compromised flavors. As subtle as the flavor of white tea is, improper brewing can easily ruin it.

It is important, therefore, that you do things right. That way, you get the best benefits out of white tea and in the process get the most bang for your buck. Listed below are essential steps to follow to steep white tea perfectly:

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