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Oolong Lavender Tea: 5 Science-backed Reasons to Grab This Pick-me-up Now!

Oolong Lavender Tea: 5 Science-backed Reasons to Grab This Pick-me-up Now!


Indeed, oolong lavender tea should be on top of your list when you want a pick-me-up. Move over drinking a sizzling cold cola or, worse, an energy drink to bring you back up when you’re weary but need to get the job done. 

When it comes down to energy and wellness, you can never go wrong taking a sip from a cup of semi-oxidized true tea with a touch of lavender. Hands down, it’s the best decision you can make. Assuming you want the best, that life can bring, according to science. Read on. 

A Word on Sizzling Cola and Energy Drinks

Like most, you may feel like grabbing a can of cold cola or an energy drink whenever you’re thirsty or tired on the road. Everybody’s doing it, right? But buyers be warned. 

Sugary soda has been linked to a host of life-threatening degenerative diseases. For starters:

  • type 2 diabetes
  • fatty liver disease
  • heart disease 
  • and cancer. 

Now, put in the mix obesity (an American epidemic), and that certainly can be hard to swallow. 

The same holds true for energy drinks that seem to magically ‘bring you to life.’ Too much caffeine in energy drinks (more than a cup of coffee) can lead to heart and blood vessel problems, not to mention accidental deaths. 


5 Reasons to Pick an Oolong Lavender Tea Right Now

Oolong Lavender Tea


Truth be told, grabbing an oolong lavender tea is your best choice if you want a pick-me-up. Check the 5 reasons below and the science why: 


1. You want energy fast


Oolong lavender tea is a powerful combination of lavender flowers (Lavandula) and Camella Sinensis tea leaves rolled into one.  Unlike energy drinks and sodas, the drink can boost your energy without undermining your physical well-being. 


Oolong’s secret weapon in the energy department is its caffeine and amino acid L-theanine. Although the drink doesn’t have as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, oolong’s L-theanine helps slow the absorption of caffeine. As a result, you get an energy boost that lasts for longer.


SCIENCE: One extensive research done on 12 men revealed that those who drank oolong had more energy than those who only drank water. Energy expenditure of those “oolong” men increased by as much as 2.9% 


2. You want to reduce stress


Oolong, the semi-oxidized version of green and black tea, is an effective weapon against stress. Like everyone in the family, the drink is filled to the brim with health benefits —  and fighting stress is on that list. 


SCIENCE: Research shows that L-theanine in oolong stimulates the alpha waves in your brain, the feel-good hormones in your brain. Overall, this translates to better sleep and a relaxed state of mind. 


But don’t count out the lavender in the tea just yet. For centuries, tracing to the Greeks and the Romans, lavender flowers have been used in aromatherapy to reduce depression and keep you in a good mood. 


SCIENCE: Studies show that lavender aromatherapy helped research subjects sustain quality sleep at night and improved focus during wakefulness. 


3. You want to protect your heart now


If there’s a disease that everyone in America should fear most, it’s heart disease. Over 600,000 Americans succumb to heart-related diseases every year. That’s about one person in every 33 seconds. 


The good news is lavender oolong tea can help protect you from the torments of heart disease. That should relieve billions worldwide as nearly 10 million people succumb to heart-related sickness yearly. 


SCIENCE: A study showed that 600 of 1507 research subjects who drank tea regularly decreased their hypertension risk by as much as 46%. Plus, drinking oolong tea means less accumulation of lipids, decreasing the incidence of heart disease even further. 


4. You want to prevent diabetes


If you want to steer clear of diabetes or have a family history of the degenerative disease, then drinking lavender oolong on a regular basis can be a good start. 


Take note that once diabetes takes hold, curing could be an act in futility. It can only be managed but not cured. So, the best way to treat diabetes is to prevent it from ever setting foot inside your body. 


SCIENCE: Extensive oolong studies have been done on diabetic rats. One such study revealed that oolong tea reduced blood plasma glucose significantly from 229 to 162.2 mg/dL. Indeed, such anti-diabetic properties should be pounced upon by people who want to prevent diabetes. 


Lavender in the tea also helps fight diabetes as it reduces stress. Too much stress can increase the risk of type-2 diabetes, evidence shows. For centuries, lavender oil has been used mainly in massage parlors and aromatherapy to induce relaxation and calmness and lift the mood of customers. 


5. You want to lose weight


The world is getting heavier by the year. Since 1975, obesity has nearly tripled, with over 1.6 billion adults, 18 and older, overweight. And that can be a huge problem as being overweight has been associated with a shorter life span. Studies show extreme obesity can trim as much as 14 years of life expectancy


But that’s where lavender oolong can come in. 


Simply put, oolong tea’s catechins, the plant antioxidants filled with potent antioxidants, boost the body’s metabolism. This allows you to burn energy and lose weight faster — even while asleep


SCIENCE: Science shows catechins in tea, especially the EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate, aid in weight loss. Taking 100 - 460 EGCG together with caffeine daily for a period of 12 weeks can lead to the reduction of fat and significant weight loss. 


Put the stress-relieving function of lavender in the mix, and you have a better way to keep extra weight in check. 



Post Script: How to Consume Oolong Lavender Tea Best


Taking a sip from a hot cuppa of our oolong lavender tea should be your most rewarding pick-me-up habit. But if you’re to mix it up a bit (at a party), then elevating your cocktail experience with our oolong lavender tea gin sour recipe is simply irresistible. 

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