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King’s Tea 913: Oolong that’s Fit for a King

King’s Tea 913: Oolong that’s Fit for a King

Kings Tea 913

King’s Tea (an exclusive product of Ten Ren, a world-renowned ISO-certified tea manufacturer) is oolong at its finest. Put in the picture ginseng and you have one delicious nootropic drink that’s filled to the brim with health goodies. A rich, juicy, sweet, milky-flavoured, high-fragrance tea you’ll love to the last drop.

From the onset, know you’re looking at no ordinary oolong here. King’s Tea is gao shan — a most distinctive high-mountain tea from the mountains of Central Taiwan. That translates to all the benefits of a heart-healthy, weight-loss-friendly drink that can help you minimize ED (erectile dysfunction). And that’s just for starters.

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King’s Tea: A High Mountain Tea from Only the Best

To boot, not every oolong tea is created equal. To get to the best, you need to source it right. And that’s what makes King’s Tea spot on. As gao shan or Alpine oolong, these tea leaves from the mountains of Central Taiwan are cultivated:

  • At 1000 metres (3,300 ft) above sea level
  • With high humidity
  • Natural precipitation

Such unusually high mountain ranges (i.e., Nantou, Chiayi) allows the oolong tea to reach its fullest potential. And that means, the leaves :

  • hold all of the tea nutrients present in green tea
  • devoid of the usual grass-like taste

Don’t be surprised if King’s Tea is a top-notch oolong tea. It’s a product of Ten Ren, a trailblazing world-class tea manufacturer that pairs the wisdom of traditional tea processing with the power of modern technology and stringent quality control.

Already, Ten Ren has set itself heads higher than the competition. To note, it’s the first tea manufacturer to receive the following certifications:

  • ISO 22000 Safety Management Certification
  • ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System Certification
  • HACCP Quality Management Certification

    Superfoods in One: Tea Leaves Plus Ginseng Roots

    Technically, green tea and oolong contain the same catechins and polyphenols (e.g., ECGC) to promote healthy well-being. But this comes with one notable exception: green tea has more concentrated amounts of these antioxidants compared to oolong. Still, some of the essential things King’s Tea may help you with are:

    • Reduce high blood pressure
    • Minimize Type-2 diabetes
    • Reduce the effects of aging
    • Protect bones/teeth
    • Increase mental focus and concentration

    But if there’s one thing King’s Tea oolong could do better than any green tea, it’s weight loss. As it’s more oxidized, oolong has more caffeine than the fresher leaves of green tea. Overall, the concoction improves fat burning and speeds up metabolism.

    Plus, oolong is a good accompaniment to greasy foods, unlike green tea which tends to upset the stomach when taken with meals.

    And let’s not forget. You have another powerful plant extract in King’s tea: ginseng. Aptly dubbed as the “King of Herbs”, ginseng from the roots of the Panax plant shows a lot of promise in terms of health — especially true for sexual health both in men and women.

    Amongst many other, notable benefits from taking ginseng regularly are:

    • Improve sexual performance
    • Help remedy ED (erectile dysfunction)
    • Act as fertility herb for women

      Numbers Tell All

      King’s Tea comes in two varieties: green and dark (more oxidized). As for the numbers, they correspond to processing details:

      Table of Numbers Tell All

      888 is a limited edition.
      All that comes with sweetness in taste and aroma — none of the astringency associated with green tea and none of the tartness associated with ginseng. That’s telling you if you want a tea experience fit for a king, drink King’s Tea.

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