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Black Tea

Black Tea

What is Black Tea?

Similarly to Green Tea and White Tea, Black tea also comes from Camellia Sinensis plant. What differentiates black tea from other teas is that it goes through a transformation of withering, rolling, oxidation and firing. Because it is more oxidized than other teas, it tends to have a stronger and richer flavour.

There are many different versions of black tea. The taste and flavour is usually dependent on which region it is produced and how it was harvested. Black tea is usually combined with other teas, fruit, flowers or spices to create a unique aroma and taste. Popular teas including English Breakfast Tea, Earl Grey Tea and Chai Tea comes from Black tea blends.


History of Black Tea

As the popularity of tea increased in China over the years, green tea was and is still the most popular tea in Easter society. However, black tea was then discovered and entered the tea market as the more oxidized tea to create a fresher and stronger flavor.

Tea first entered into the European and England market in the 1600s. The demand and popularity rose in the 1700s and black tea production began to gain traction in the 1800s when the Camellia sinensis tea plant was discovered in 1823 in India. Since India was a British colony back then, different varieties of black tea became popular exports to England.


Black Tea Benefits

Black tea is one of the most consumed beverages in the world and one of the reasons is the health benefits that it offers. Here are some of the main health benefits of Black Tea:

  • Contains Antioxidant Properties - Antioxidants may help to lower the risk of chronic diseases and improve one’s overall health.
  • Reduce Blood Pressure - High blood pressure can negatively impact health such as leading to kidney failure, stroke, heart attack etc. Studies show that people who regularly consume black tea may lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure.
  • Lower Blood Sugar Levels - Elevated blood sugar levels increases the risk of health complications like obesity, type 2 diabetes and depression. Black tea acts as a non-sweetened drink the can help reduce blood sugar.
  • Reduce the risk of Cancer - the polyphenols help to fight certain cancer cells in the body. Although drinking black tea does not sure cancer, it helps to decrease the development of cancer cells.
  • Improves Focus - The caffeine content and amino acid in black tea helps to improve focus and alertness.


Does Black Tea have caffeine?

Compared with green tea and white tea, black tea generally has more caffeine content per cup. However, there can be many factors that determine how much caffeine levels is in each cup - such as how it was processed and how it was brewed.

Here are the average caffeine content in the following teas:

8oz Beverage

Average Caffeine Content

White Tea


Green Tea


Black Tea



What does Black tea taste like? 

Not all Black Tea taste the same - there are many variables that could affect the taste such as where it was grown, how it was processed or how long it was oxidized. Generally, Black Tea has a bolder and richer taste compared with Green tea. A brewed black tea’s colour could range from red to dark brown with a sweet taste. It typically has more of a bitterness than Green tea, but should still be relatively smooth if brewed correctly.

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