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Oriental Beauty Tea

Oriental Beauty Tea

What is Oriental Beauty Tea?

Oriental Beauty is also known as Dong Fang Meiren, which literally translates to Eastern Beauty. It is a very unique and famous tea that primarily comes from Hsin Chu, a county in the North part of Taiwan. The mountainous land and mild weather in this area makes the ideal condition for making tea.


History of Oriental Beauty Tea

Oriental Beauty Tea was discovered by accident years ago in Taiwan when a crop of tea leaves were destroyed after being bitten by a leaf-hopper insect. However, the farmer noticed that this actually made the tea flavor become more sweet. He was then able to sell this tea for a high price to tea traders in Taiwan, before selling it globally. Since leaf-hoppers are more active during summer time, Oriental Beauty Tea is only produced during the summer season, making it relatively rare and highly sought after.


How is Oriental Beauty Tea Made?

Oriental Beauty Tea is semi oxidized and made by light fire-baked technology. Usually, farmers would handpick one bud with two top leaves to produce this high quality oolong tea. The tea leaves would then be bitten by an insect called Jacobiasca formosana, which creates the sweet taste. Pesticides cannot be used because of the insects, which ensures that Oriental Beauty Tea is natural and organic.


Benefits of Oriental Beauty Tea

Oriental Beauty Tea contains ingredients such as polyphenols, catechins, vitamins, minerals etc that helps provide the following health benefits:

  • Improves Digestions - polyphenols and caffeine can help improve metabolism through relaxing the digestive system and relieve indigestion.
  • Helps lose weight - With zero calories and the acceleration of metabolism, the accumulation of fat is reduced which helps with losing weight.
  • Improve immune system - Antioxidants, minerals and vitamins lowers the chance of inflammation and reduce infection risks.
  • Cardiovascular health - the accelerated metabolism helps to reduce cholesterol which is good for the heart and blood circulation.
  • Improves mood - the caffeine content helps to relax and relieve stress, thereby improving your mental health.


What does Oriental Beauty Tea taste like

The bug bites of the tea leaves during the processing stage defines the taste of Oriental Beauty Tea. The sweetness is a byproduct of the plant’s defense as it produces an enzyme to attract predators of the leaf-hopper. These bug bites create a honey fragrance and the oxidation process contributes to its unique fruity flavor.

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