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3:15PM (3點1刻) Extra Vintage Oolong Loose Leaf Tea (120g)


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Extra Vintage Oolong tea (陳年烏龍) has a richer and more intense and well rounded flavour thanks to the aging process it has gone through. They contain very high amounts of antioxidant polyphenoals and contains lower caffeine than your regular tea.

The oxidization of oolong tea begins the moment it is harvested from the plant, can very widely from as little as 8% to 85% which can depend on the leaf variety and production. This can change the flavour of oolong tea which is why there can so many different flavors to choose from.

Taste: Sweet and rich in the mouth with honey floral fragrance

Package: Extra Vintage Oolong Loose Leaf Tea x 120g

Health Benefits
  • Go greasy
  • Anti-tumor
  • Anti-aging
  • Lose weight, Promote the breakdown of fat in the blood
  • Reduce the level of cholesterol
Brewing Instructions

Our Promise
  • Have certificates to ensure safety & quality assurance

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great flavor and taste

This is a fantastic oolong. The bag was a well-sorted size of leaves containing very few stems and parts. It has a wonderful dark color and rich earthy aroma typical of Taiwanese teas.

Anna Anderson
Oolong Tea classic

I fell in love with Oolong tea and decided to get a larger bag of it. I was reading all kinds of reviews on various products and there seemed to be a lot of good and bad on this one, but I can say my experience has been great, I really enjoy this tea and have it almost every day. I'm also not a tea connoisseur by any stretch of the word for whatever that's worth.

Excellence Tea

When I am at my work each day In the fields so fresh and green I often think of riches and the way things might have been
But believe me when I tell you when I get home each day
I'm as happy as a sandboy with my wee cup of tay

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