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Formosan Farms Cold Brew Origin Tea

Formosan Farms

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This Cold brew origin pack contains 4 different whole leaf teas from different regions in Taiwan. They are packed in pyramid shaped bags to allow for full infusion of their fragrance and taste. Great for cold brews. 

#1. Sun Moon Lake/ Red Jade (RUBY)/ Whole-leaf cut
Pyramid Tea BagsN.W.: 2.5gPacks: 3
Japan Tokyo highlighted Top 1 Taiwan-aroma, and was selected as No.1 black tea around the world by 2018 and 2019 Japan Consumer Poll 

#2. Dah Yeh Green Tea/ Whole-leaf cut
Pyramid Tea BagsN.W.: 2.5gPacks: 3
Rare tea tree only in the eastern coast of Taiwan
Rich & long-lasting aroma

#3. Taiwan Native Mountain Tea/ Whole-leaf cut
Pyramid Tea BagsN.W.: 2.5gPacks: 3
Historical Japan-royal tea farm
180-year tea trees
5-generation of farmhouse tradition in tea-making

#4. Wenshan Baozhong/ Whole-leaf cut
Pyramid Tea BagsN.W.: 2.5gPacks: 3
Deep-field Snow Mountain region in Northern Taiwan
Stone House family farm keeps the over 100 years tradition

Package Dimensions
One pack one tea bag (net weight 2.5g each)
Size: 26cm(Height) x 13.5cm(Length) x 7.5cm(Width)


Our Promise

- Sustainably farmed: pesticide free, herbicide free, chemical free, additive free

- Environmentally packaged: PLA disposal pyramid tea bags

- Premium quality: cut from original 1-bud-2-leaf handpicked premium quality whole leaves

- No over-brew problems

- Stable post-brewing for one day in the room temperature or 3 days in the fridge

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