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Formosan Farms Cold Brew Origin Tea

Formosan Farms

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This Cold brew origin pack contains 4 different whole leaf teas from different regions in Taiwan. They are packed in pyramid shaped bags to allow for full infusion of their fragrance and taste. Great for cold brews. 

#1. Sun Moon Lake/ Red Jade (RUBY)/ Whole-leaf cut
Pyramid Tea BagsN.W.: 2.5gPacks: 3
Japan Tokyo highlighted Top 1 Taiwan-aroma, and was selected as No.1 black tea around the world by 2018 and 2019 Japan Consumer Poll 

#2. Dah Yeh Green Tea/ Whole-leaf cut
Pyramid Tea BagsN.W.: 2.5gPacks: 3
Rare tea tree only in the eastern coast of Taiwan
Rich & long-lasting aroma

#3. Taiwan Native Mountain Tea/ Whole-leaf cut
Pyramid Tea BagsN.W.: 2.5gPacks: 3
Historical Japan-royal tea farm
180-year tea trees
5-generation of farmhouse tradition in tea-making

#4. Wenshan Baozhong/ Whole-leaf cut
Pyramid Tea BagsN.W.: 2.5gPacks: 3
Deep-field Snow Mountain region in Northern Taiwan
Stone House family farm keeps the over 100 years tradition

Package Dimensions
One pack one tea bag (net weight 2.5g each)
Size: 26cm(Height) x 13.5cm(Length) x 7.5cm(Width)


Our Promise

- Sustainably farmed: pesticide free, herbicide free, chemical free, additive free

- Environmentally packaged: PLA disposal pyramid tea bags

- Premium quality: cut from original 1-bud-2-leaf handpicked premium quality whole leaves

- No over-brew problems

- Stable post-brewing for one day in the room temperature or 3 days in the fridge

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

This is great in general, but I never expected the flavor I got in this! It's great hot or iced, and fun because it blends well with other flavors and teas! Become your family's brewmaster!!!

The Best Cod Brewed Tea

Origin Tea makes the best cold brew tea for Ice Tea. I tried many of them and find that the best Ice Tea on the market is when I make Origin Tea Cold Brew at home with a twist of lemon and some Splendor on ice. The Best!

Perfect way to have your tea

Cold brew is the future! I enjoy this very much and it's so easy. The flavor is comparable to brewed tea and you can control the strength based on how many bags you use. It's quick and easy. Definitely a replacement for brewed tea.

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