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Formosan Farms High Mountain & Taiwan Native Teas Leaves

Formosan Farms

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This premium tea combination contains High Mountain Oolong Tea and Native Tea leaves from Taiwan. High mountain tea is Oolong tea cultivated at least 1,000 meters (3,300 feet) above sea level. This special tea is lightly fermented (semi-oxidized) above this altitude which gives the tea a high aroma and shine property. Natural tea leaves from Alishan located 1500 meters above sea level in Taiwan are produced using the same technique for over two decades preserving the taste. Mr. Chien is committed to sustainable farming and to carry on the traditions.

This product comes in 15g Native Mountain leaves and 50g Alishan High Mountain Oolong leaves packaged in a box
Our Promise

 Fair contract & Single originRespect & support small tea farms

 Organic farming & Eco-friendly farmPesticide free, herbicide-free, chemical-free. additives free

 Varieties of ChoicesOne-stop collection of 2 single-origin Taiwan small farm handmade teas. Hand-picked, hand-processed, and hand-packed all on the farm. 

 Environmental-friendly design concept: Paper box with handmade touch feelings and quality paper cover.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
This more than a tea it is an experience

Liquid honey, lightly flowery, hints of black tea in the background. Very smooth and full-bodied. Expensive, but what an experience. Recommended.

Utterly divine

This was a treat. I was fascinated by the fact that the grower played classical music to his tea bushes. It is the most delicious tea both with and without milk. Very complex flavors develop with each sip and the second cup is just as delicious. Highly recommended.

Max Wegner
Organic Tea

These teas are really great. The smell makes my brain explode – in a good way! You can quote me on that – 100%. It’s a sip of mindfulness.

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