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Formosan Farms Jinxuan Milky Oolong Whole Leaf Tea (75g)

Formosan Farms

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  • Region: Pinglin, New Taipei (Snow Mountain)
  • Region: Song-bo-ling, Mingjain, Nantou
  • Farm name: Mr. Hsieh ’s Farm
  • Altitude: 400M
  • Harvest: Spring, Winter seasons
  • Sustainability: pesticide-/ herbicide-/ chemical-/ additive-free
  • Variety: Four-season Spring (Shy Jih Chuen) Tree
  • Fermentation level: 20%
  • Colour: brown
  • Aroma: Jasmine and fresh

    Taste: light oxidation Oolong tea with a bit Jasmine, floral aroma and light pear fruit sweet. This tea has a long after taste in the mouth with a bit pectin thick taste cover the tongue.

    Package: 3g per package
    ★ 2013 Organic Oolong/ Bronze

    Health Benefits
    • Go greasy
    • Anti-tumor
    • Anti-aging
    • Lose weight, Promote the breakdown of fat in the blood
    • Reduce the level of cholesterol
    Brewing Instructions

    Our Promise
    • Have certificates to ensure safety & quality assurance

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Very nice Jin Xuan tea!!

    This tea is not for everyone even oolong lovers but for those who like tea and milk, it's the best. They sell flavored and non-flavored Jin Xuan but this one is hard to tell it's such a good flavor but not overpowering like it's been spiked with milk or flavoring. If your curiosity is going wild give it a try, if you don't like it send it to me.


    This tea is amazing such a lovely scent and flavor. I tried oolong before and tasted like cucumbers water. Once I opened this bag the smell was divine and the taste is great. I think I will be my go to green tea from now on.

    Charly Moore
    Winter Tea

    I will gladly accept any and all books, however. A person can never have too much reading material. Especially on a fall or winter evening. If you’re feeling extra generous, you may include tea. I love a unique blend.

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