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Formosan Farms Wenshan Baozhong Whole Leaf Tea (3g)

Formosan Farms

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  • Region: Pinglin, New Taipei (Snow Mountain)
  • Farm name: Ms. Wu’s Farm
  • Altitude: 700M
  • Harvest: Spring season
  • Variety: Green-bud Oolong Tree
  • Fermentation level: 20%
  • Colour: light gold
  • Aroma: Floral and sweet

    Taste: middle strength floral fragrance comes immediate when you taste this tea. A nice melon taste comes with rich, creamy, sugary feeling in your throat and a little bit sour passion fruit in the end as the after taste.

    Package: 1 tea pot easy-for-use package: 3g per package

    Health Benefits
    • Go greasy
    • Anti-tumor
    • Anti-aging
    • Lose weight, Promote the breakdown of fat in the blood
    • Reduce the level of cholesterol
    Brewing Instructions

    Our Promise
    • Have certificates to ensure safety & quality assurance

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Lovely Tea

    This tea reminds me of Spring! It’s so fresh tasting and full of lilac and gardenia florals and has a wonderful.

    Kandace Soto

    Well packaged and easy to use. I am enjoying several cups. Day with the 1 teaspoon serving.

    Oolong vs tea bag

    Oolong tea is a traditional Chinese ceremonial tea. Its medical value is incidental, I believe, to the joy of drinking it. High quality Oolong tea can be re-steeped numerous times, up to five or six. The caffeine in the tea is extracted through the first steeping so you aren't going to be inundating your body with caffeine if you drink it correctly. I would never go with a tea-bag version.

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