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Formosan Farms Pinglin White Tea Whole Leaf Tea (2.5 g)

Formosan Farms

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  • Region: Pinglin, New Taipei (Snow Mountain)
  • Region: Pingling, New Taipei (Snow Mountain)
  • Farm name: Ms. Wu’s Farm
  • Altitude: 700M
  • Harvest : Spring season
  • Variety:  White-monkey Tree
  • Colour: light silver
  • Aroma: light floating sweet & flower
  • Flavour: Longan flower

    Taste: Surprised fresh light amber liqueur with a slightly sour white tea special taste and has the unique honey smell of Longan flower in the end.

    Health Benefits
    • Protect the cardiovascular system
    • Reduce heat and detoxify
    • Promote appetite
    • Digest food to remove greasiness, increase gastrointestinal motility
    Brewing Instructions

    Our Promise
    • Have certificates to ensure safety & quality assurance

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Love it

    I love this white, organically grown tea. The flavor is subtle and refreshing. This tea is good for health and I drink a cup or two every day. It is delicious hot or cold. The container is reusable, which I really like. I recommend this to anyone who loves tea or people who have never discovered the joy of tea.

    Very light

    Great first thing in the morning when you want an "easy-to-wake-up-with" tea. Very refined, subtle flavor.

    Allan Smith
    Amazing Tea

    I love this Taiwan Tea for its bourgeois comfort. If I was as heavily in debt as they are, I wouldn't be drinking tea or coffee anywhere. I would be sipping tap water from an old bottle and serving others tea or coffee in a cafe somewhere.

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