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Formosan Farms Four Seasons Tea Leaves - Winter Warm Red

Formosan Farms

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Four seasons tea leaves are a collection of Tea leaves that are harvested by hand during their peak season which vary from region to region to ensure maximum quality. By adhering to this strict harvesting period, the tea leaves retain their nutrients and antioxidants thus can produce strong flavours in spring and fragrant ones in autumn.

Winter warm red tea is harvested between October to November, tea harvested during this period is typically winter oolong tea and they have a light and sweet taste due to the slowed growth and reduced vitamin intake.

6 whole-leaf tea packs of the 4 independent small tea farms
1) Red Jade whole leaves 15g*1 pack

2) Taiwan Native Mountain Tea whole leaves 15g*1 pack

3) Red Rhyme whole leaves 15g*1 pack

4) Luyeh Taitung Red Oolong whole leaves 3g*3 packs

Package Dimensions
10.5cm(Height) x 21cm(Length) x 5cm(Width)
Our Promise
★ Fair contract & Single origin:Respect & support small tea farms.

★ Organic farming & Eco-friendly farm:Pesticide free, herbicide free, chemical free. additives free

★ Varieties of Choices:One-stop collection of 4 single-origin Taiwan small farm handmade teas. Hand-picked, hand-processed, and hand-packed all on the farm.

★ Environmental-friendly design concept: Paper box with handmade touch feelings and quality paper coverInsert the second accordion group contents here.
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