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Formosan Farms Taiwan Native Mountain Tea - Pyramid Bags

Formosan Farms

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Our Taiwan Native Mountain tea (Yuansheng shancha 台灣原生山茶) are made in the, foggy hills of Nantou Taiwan. Using traditional cultivation techniques dating back from the 1700s. Because of the high altitude of this mountain range, our tea can offer a unique taste limited to this region due to limited sunlight hitting the leaves and altering the taste.

Pyramid tea bags contain tea leaves that are carefully placed within pyramid shapes bags where water can seep through and infuse with the tea. These tea bags allow for better brewing thanks to their shape, allowing more space for better tea leaves to be packed in.
Package Dimensions
Size: 26cm(Height) x 13.5cm(Length) x 7.5cm(Width)
This product comes in a 12 pyramid tea bags.

Customer Reviews

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This Tea

I was an 8 cup a day coffee drinker until I got Lyme disease and for some odd reason suddenly quit the coffee and now I only drink tea. I always drank some type of tea for special occasions or a special treat but I never drank tea exclusively until last year. I have many types and brands of tea but this tea is the one I drink several times a day. It's smooth and tastes wonderful.

Samantha Brook
Feel the relaxation

All I need in life is tea, a good book, and an oversized sweater

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