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Green Tea for Blood Circulation: 3 Amazing Secrets How a Cuppa Can Help You Live Longest

Green Tea for Blood Circulation: 3 Amazing Secrets How a Cuppa Can Help You Live Longest

woman drinking a green tea

Green tea isn’t just a cuppa to wake your senses in the morning and get your game face on for work and play. Above and beyond, the nootropic drink allows you to live longer. Yes, you heard that right. And that’s mainly because taking these Camella Sinensis leaves regularly promotes blood circulation. 

Right off the bat, know that blood is life. Without the plasma, our body fails as needed oxygen and nutrients (i.e., vitamins, minerals, antioxidants) aren’t delivered. Here’s a look at what happens to people with narrowed arteries (e.g., PAD) causing blood circulation issues

  • ED (erectile dysfunction)
  • Wounds in foot/toes that don’t heal properly
  • Difficulty walking around 
  • Gangrene (dead tissue)
  • Poor hair/nail growth on lower extremities

The good news is green tea can boost blood circulation. Surprised? Here’s a deeper look at 3 ingenious ways drinking a cuppa can be your secret weapon to extend your life for as long as possible. Read on.



The Essence of Blood Circulation

blood circulation 

A simple way to look at blood circulation in the body is to compare it to food distribution all over America. The truth is that without the supply chain working, people would starve and eventually perish. 


The same holds for blood circulation. If blood circulation is weak, nutrients can’t be distributed. It only takes 4 minutes for a person to die when blood flow stops. This is why you must do CPR to get the heart pumping blood again. 


Table 1: When blood circulation to different organs of the body weakens. Table 1: When blood circulation to different organs of the body weakens. 


To date, one person dies every 33 seconds in America due to heart complications. That’s over 600,000 people amounting to a $239.9 billion loss yearly.


  • Worse, blood flow complications via CVD or cardiovascular disease account for 33% of global deaths


  • That’s over 18 million lives every year. 


But such a bleak scenario should change with green tea in your diet. Yes, that’s true. The nootropic drink can be your secret weapon to boost blood flow, thereby lengthening your life. Here’s why. 


Below are some health complications that could happen when blood flow is compromised. 



3 Ways Green Tea Boosts Blood Circulation 

 cold green tea

Indeed, the bioactive compounds in green tea can play a central role in facilitating blood flow. The most prominent of these natural compounds is EGCG or the epigallocatechin gallate catechin. 


These polyphenols from green tea are a treasure trove. You can call the processes they induce your secret weapon to a longer, more fruitful life. 


Support the detoxification process

protect the liver


While green tea carries a nutritional punch like no other, it also helps the detox process, enhancing blood flow. 


To note, the blood is like a river that carries waste away from cells. It transports harmful toxins to the body’s cleaning system (e.g., lungs, livers, kidneys). The body then expels these waste products. 


Polyphenols in green tea aid this natural detoxification process of the body, making it more efficient. These natural active compounds protect the liver by preventing cell damage. Further, they promote the liver’s enzyme activity boosting the detox process further. 


We are talking about cell efficiency here. So green tea promotes better function of the detox process. at the micro level 


Clear the blood

 protect the heart


The blood can also have various complications that would affect the whole body. Then again, green tea comes to the rescue. 


For instance, people with type 2 diabetes have insulin resistance and exhibit high blood sugar, a complication known as hyperglycemia. Even if the blood carries nutrients all over the body, these are not absorbed. Cells are unable to absorb glucose effectively. 


As a result, the body's muscles, including the liver, are undernourished and fail to function properly. Just like a car lacking fuel. 


The problem is that poorly managed diabetes can worsen people with existing health complications. It’s called diabetes complications, which means: 


  • Heart disease
  • Eye disease
  • Kidney damage


As the walls of the arteries are damaged, high blood pressure increases the force of blood via the arteries, complicating things further. 


Fortunately, green tea can play a huge role in cleaning the blood. Studies show that the nootropic drink may help reduce insulin resistance. 



It’s great news. By drinking green tea regularly, people with type 2 diabetes can better manage their illness. That means fewer people who need to have their legs amputated to live. 


Directly facilitate circulation of the blood

relax woman drink the tea


Blood passes through blood vessels, but these passageways can become constricted. As passing through these channels becomes harder, blood flow slows down, making the heart pump stronger to force blood through. 


Antioxidants, however, can boost blood flow by counteracting the plaque-building activity in the blood vessels triggered by free radicals. As a result, plaque builds up in the arteries causing coronary artery disease


The good news is green tea is teeming with antioxidants in the form of plant-bioactive compounds called polyphenols. These antioxidants counter the plaque-building activity of free radicals. 


In essence, green tea widens your body’s blood passage creating a more efficient super highway in the process. As a result:


  • You relax the muscles that line blood vessels in the body,
  • Thereby lowering blood pressure


Moreover, these antioxidants help open up the ion channels in the blood, further improving blood flow. In effect, this reduces the risk of high blood pressure. 


It’s nothing short of amazing. Quite frankly, knowing all these amazing secrets, making a habit out of drinking a cuppa green tea should be wise. 


To live longer. 


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