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Lishan Organic Oolong: 3 Sustainable Secrets How This High Mountain Oolong is the Planet’s “King of Tea”

Lishan Organic Oolong: 3 Sustainable Secrets How This High Mountain Oolong is the Planet’s “King of Tea”

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Indeed, Lishan organic oolong is not just any other oolong in the market today. Its sustainability measures in processing can easily make it the epitome of the National Organic Month this September. But that may not mean anything until you take a sip from this nootropic drink that has grabbed the world’s attention like no other

Yes, Lishan organic oolong will check a slew of tick boxes for nurturing Mother Earth. Above and beyond that, however, this organically grown tea does not just ensure you don’t get toxic pesticide chemicals in your body. It does more than that for you. 

Brace yourself for every sip from this high mountain oolong from Taiwan will leave you asking for more. And that’s precisely why we’re walking you through three secrets of why it’s fit to wear the crown as the planet’s “King of Tea”, designed to nurture you and everyone in the family. Read on. 



The Hidden Dangers of Pesticides


As UNESCO reiterates, “what you eat becomes who you are.” This is exactly the goal of National Organic Month started in the early 1900s: promote organic farming and steer humanity away from the increasing dependence on synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. 


So what’s wrong with using pesticides, herbicides, and a long list of chemicals marketed as good for farming? Let’s start with the most common: pesticides. Here’s a table of pros and cons.



Table 1: Pros and Cons of Pesticides Table 1: Pros and Cons of Pesticides


Pesticides spell danger. Research shows that long-term pesticide exposure has been linked to the developing a host of harmful diseases in man. Some of these are: 


  • Parkinson's disease
  • Asthma
  • depression and anxiety
  • Attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Cancer
  • Leukaemia and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma


In short, the short-term gain man gets from pesticides and other harmful chemicals used by man to control his environment means long-term damage to humanity and Mother Earth. All the more reason why grabbing your fair share of Lishan organic oolong is wise. 



3 Ways that Make Lishan Organic Oolong King of Tea

The road to making the best tea on the planet is paved with good intentions. It’s understandable, given the outstanding health benefits of any true tea (e.g., green tea, black tea). 


But as the global demand for tea skyrockets to billions of dollars, many producers resort to business shortcuts, selling below-par tea and shortchanging the consumer. 


Here’s how our Lishan high mountain oolong organically cuts above the rest.


1. Lishan organic oolong is hand-harvested



Right off the bat, hand harvesting is a lot of work. It means our workers will have to stand under sweltering heat in the mountains of Taiwan. But it's a worthy sacrifice to promote organic farming. 


It’s no secret Taiwan is the land with the most high mountains in the world. And that is one of the key reasons why the island is unparalleled in producing the most coveted oolong tea on the planet


However, our workers must endure working in elevations thousands of feet above ground. This makes handpicking an even more challenging task. 


Indeed, using machines to collect tea leaves is the faster route to harvesting more tea leaves over time. But the process, usually used by large-scale tea manufacturers, is prone to destroying the tea leaves, destroying the sweetness and freshness along. 


On the other hand, hand-pluck tea allows us to have the freshest leaves not ruined by machines. As a result, you get the highest quality in taste and aroma, not to mention more antioxidant content to benefit everyone in the family.


So every time you take a sip from our organic Lishan oolong, take comfort that each leaf is hand-harvested and is given the utmost care only a human can give. 


2. Lishan organic oolong does not use pesticides

organic oolong


We have mentioned that Lishan is as organic as can be. It’s true. Formosan Farms has been notable for taking extra steps to ensure that tea products are top-quality as organically processed produce. 


The world-renowned tea manufacturer led by trailblazing Dr. Han (Dr. Tea) has been preserving its heritage of handpicked and handcrafted whole tea leaves. Small wonder, Dr. Tea is the leading social entrepreneur known worldwide and hails from Taiwan. 


This translates to one essential sustainability goal for the planet and for humanity. Formosan Farms Lishan organic oolong does not use pesticides, herbicides, and a long list of chemicals that could induce harm to the environment putting poison in the food we eat. 


And it’s not just about using organic farming to the hilt to raise the best tea today. 



This means you can trace what particular farm produced the tea leaves, giving credit and financial compensation to the farmers who tilled the land and grew the teas. 


That’s not all. No, sir. 


  • Formosan Farms also practices fair-trade tea, ensuring everyone who made the organic oolong a reality is compensated accordingly. 


Indeed, we are deeply rooted in organic tea excellence handed from generation to generation. Best of all, we adhere to the sustainability principles stipulated in the UN’s sustainability goals


3. Lishan organic oolong is the best tea experience ever

woman enjoy the tea


Best of all, Lishan organic oolong is considered the “King of Teas” because it puts on the table a unique experience no other tea on the planet can hope to imitate. 


It’s a prized possession. For starters, the sweet, fruity fragrance and taste you’ll get cannot be found in any other oolong tea, along with all the health benefits. But you should not be surprised. 


Lishan is a true high-mountain tea grown at mountain ranges with an altitude of 1600 to 2600 meters — or even higher. Hands down, these are the highest tea plantations on the planet. 


Couple that with rigorous organic processing, and be confident you’ve met the “King of Tea” every time you take on a cuppa Lishan organic oolong

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