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Kombucha Probiotics: 7 Reasons Your Body Needs to Meet These Good Bacteria Today

Kombucha Probiotics: 7 Reasons Your Body Needs to Meet These Good Bacteria Today

Kombucha is a lifesaver, and your gut should be forever grateful. Indeed, thanks to visionary leaders such as Pure Kombucha founder Paul Sherring, your body is armed to the teeth with good bacteria when you drink a bottle of quality kombucha.

Believe it or not, drinking kombucha is harnessing the power of probiotics. If you think bacteria and a host of microorganisms can only be “bad” as harmful germs, think again. Right off the bat, this probiotic drink can help protect you against:

And that’s just for starters. 

Confused? Don’t be. 


In this post, we’ll walk you through seven evidence-based reasons why kombucha is your key ally to greater well-being. And why drinking the superfood probiotic drink regularly puts a premium on your health and everyone you love. Read on. 

Probiotics: Good vs. Bad Bacteria

Before we proceed, let's take things in perspective. 

While bacteria have been notorious for causing various illnesses in humans, leaving trauma to society in general, most are harmless. 

History is riddled with the misery of tuberculosis, anthrax, and many bacterial infections that still hound us today. But these pathogens smear the reputation of bacteria as a whole. 


IMPORTANT: The truth is that less than 1 percent of bacteria on the planet are harmful. Good bacteria help digest foods and even destroy disease-causing body cells.


This is where probiotics come in. 

By definition, probiotics are live microorganisms that give you health benefits when introduced to the body. For one, many bacteria help break down food in the stomach.  

A fine example here is Bacteroidetes and Firmicutes, the main bacteria behind the metabolism of food remains. These gut bacteria ensure dietary fiber and polyphenols are broken down to be made available to the body as energy. 


The good news is you can have your fair share of good bacteria or probiotics by regularly consuming kombucha. And open yourself up to tons of health benefits. 

Kombucha Probiotics 

7 Reasons to Drink Kombucha 


Kombucha is fermented tea, usually using black or green tea. A traditional drink notable for its healing prowess, kombucha has been utilized for thousands of years in Asia. That speaks volumes about how much this healing liquid has helped humanity. 


Kombucha’s fermentation process employs SCOBY or the symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. At its core, this is a microbial population commonly called the “mushroom” or “mother.” 


We’re talking about an army of good bacteria at your disposal here. It’s a treasure trove. And the results of this “elixir of life” superfood should show: 


1. Kombucha promotes intestinal health


The intestines play a central role in your day-to-day living as this is where foods are broken down for your body to absorb. Without the nutrients your gut produces, your body won’t support itself. 


So essential is gut health to humans that research reveals that gut health is inextricably linked to the overall health of your body, from the immune system to mental health


Thankfully, kombucha is good for the microbiome and overall gut health. This is thanks to the “good bacteria” probiotics, which strengthen your intestines and help deal with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and diarrhea.


With kombucha increasing the good bacteria in your gut, the presence of bad bacteria decreases, and digestion becomes more efficient.


2. Kombucha helps fight cancer


Remember that kombucha is fermented tea. As such, the drink harbors the same health benefits that we all seek from tea. Top of that list is cancer protection. 


True teas, namely oolong, green tea, black tea, and all those nootropic drinks from the leaves of the Camella Sinensis evergreen shrub contain bioactive compounds. Most notable are polyphenols.


Of the many tea catechins, epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) is the most sought-after antioxidant to fight cancer. By default, it’s also the most researched. And rightly so. 


The way polyphenols fight cancer is multi-pronged. According to TCR (Transnational Cancer Research), among these are: 


  • Cancer cell removal by modification of signaling pathways
  • Regulation of enzymes that promote cell proliferation 
  • Inhibition of cell cycle events


In short, the powerful antioxidants in kombucha can go a long way in helping you prevent and inhibit cancer. It's good news for humanity, with over 10 million dying from cancer yearly. 


3. Kombucha helps fight type-2 diabetes


Needless to say, type-2 diabetes is a nightmare leaving millions dead yearly. In 2017 alone, it’s considered one of the ninth leading causes of death worldwide, raking in over one million deaths. 


4. Kombucha can help you detoxify


Acids and enzymes in kombucha help boost your liver function, eliminating undesired elements in your body. Research even points out that the superfood may aid in combatting fatty liver disease as a therapeutic dietary supplement. 


Fortunately, this is where kombucha can be a shot in the arm. A study on diabetic rats shows the drink slowed down carbohydrate digestion, reducing sugar levels. 


5. Kombucha helps strengthen your immune system


If you look into the nutritional resume of kombucha, you’d be in for a pleasant surprise. The drink contains hefty B vitamins, essential to keeping your immune system in tip-top shape. 


WARNING: As kombucha sales grow worldwide to billions of dollars, fake products plague the market. This is where relying on the kombucha products handcrafted by the team of visionary founder Paul Sherring matters most. 


Plus, when you grab this fermented tea, you treat yourself to a drink high in acetic, D-saccharic, and glucuronic acids. These are antimicrobial organic acids. Think of them as your superhero team to fight the onslaught of bad bacteria in your gut. 


6. Kombucha aids in weight loss


Kombucha is based on true teas (e.g., green tea), nootropic drinks that are scientifically proven to help lose those extra pounds, especially true with an active lifestyle. Just make sure you’re taking less sweetened kombucha to make it matter. 


7. Kombucha promotes heart health


Last but not least, kombucha helps boost heart health. The drink does this in many ways with its antioxidant content, but two of the most prominent are: 


  • Increase good HDL cholesterol and decrease “bad” 
  • Limit plaque buildup in the arteries. 


So, what are you waiting for? If there’s a drink you should be grabbing today, it’s kombucha. Specifically, Paul Sherring’s handcrafted kombucha



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