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Rose Oolong Tea: Here’s the perfect toast to World Mental Health Day — and 3 reasons to drink up!

Rose Oolong Tea: Here’s the perfect toast to World Mental Health Day — and 3 reasons to drink up!

Anyway you look at it, rose oolong tea’s uncanny ability to help calm your nerves, not to mention get those much sought-after sleep at night, is nothing short of a gold mine. In a world bound to pound you with unending stress, it’s one drink you should grab daily. Assuming you put a premium on winning your day. 

You may not think mental health dramatically impacts our global economy, but it does. World Health Organization details that over 1 trillion dollars is lost yearly due to mental health conditions people suffer, including depression and anxiety. And that’s not even the worst part of it. 

But thanks to World Mental Health Day, our methods to battle mental health issues are becoming increasingly refined by the day. 

Best of all, we can arm ourselves to the teeth against such an insidious enemy using rose oolong's sweet aroma and taste. In this post, we’ll walk you through three reasons why the nootropic drink is the perfect toast to celebrate World Mental Health Day this October. Read on. 


A World Gone Horribly Wrong 

By the time you end up reading this, there will be six people, at the very least, who will have committed suicide on the planet. As staggering as those statistics, it pales in comparison to the number of people who will kill themselves every year. 


Over 800,000 people kill themselves every year worldwide

If you put that number in perspective, that’s more than the population of Cape Town, South Africa, Oslo, Norway, or Washington, D.C. And that shows you in graphic detail how much of a problem mental health is. 

What’s worse is that many of those committing suicide are teens. 


Suicide is the fourth leading cause of death for young people aged 15 to 29.

Thank God for World Mental Health Day, people are now more aware of the viciousness of mental health issues. 

Instituted in 1992 (in no small part due to the urgings of the World Federation of Mental Health), World Mental Health Day is celebrated every 10th of October worldwide. Its main goal: To push the envelope in containing mental health issues hounding humanity. 


 rose oolong

3 Ways Rose Oolong Brings In Mental Clarity


Most importantly, there may not be a drink that would constitute the ‘perfect toast’ to World Mental Health Day more than oolong, specifically rose oolong. Here’s why:



1. Oolong in rose oolong can help manage stress. 

relax woman drink the tea 

Rose oolong tea has a secret weapon against excessive stress, and it’s called L-theanine. By virtue of its ability to calm your nerves, L-theanine has been dubbed nature’s Xanax. America’s most prescribed medication for panic and anxiety attacks


But what is L-theanine exactly? And how does it operate?


L-theanine is an amino acid that’s teeming in green tea, black tea, and oolong tea. And in our case, rose oolong tea


What makes L-theanine stand out is its ability to boost our brain function. Specifically, studies showed it may influence the levels of positive chemicals in the brain, namely dopamine and serotonin, dubbed the “happy chemicals" for their ability to induce a positive mood. 




So, with dopamine and serotonin playing a central role in uplifting our mood and brain function, making a habit of sipping a cup of rose oolong tea is wise. 


Call it the anti-stress effect. Studies have shown that rose oolong’s ability to inject a dose of positive mood and alertness into humans has been found to help prevent the onset of dreaded Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). Not to mention a host of other health complications


2. Rose in rose oolong can also help manage stress

 woman sleep

Another reason that makes rose oolong the perfect toast to World Mental Health Day is the rose factor. To boot, rose oil has been used to calm nerves and reduce nervous tension since time immemorial.


  • An animal study revealed that rose has neuropsychological effects and boosts the mood and energy of mice under chronic stress. Again, it’s another anti-stress effect you should make the most of. 


If you have problems sleeping, it's another aspect that should make you appreciate rose oolong. Rose harbors a potent hypnotic effect on the Central Nervous System (CNS). 


3.Then, double all that with caffeine

 rose in the wood spoon

Well, you guessed right. Rose oolong is teeming with caffeine. Though not as much as black tea or coffee, for that matter, the semi-oxidized leaves of the Camella Sinensis shrub have ample caffeine to wake your mornings. 


True Tea Oxidation Process Caffeine Content
Oolong Partially Oxidized 30 - 45 mg
Green Tea Minimally Oxidized 15-25 mg
Black Tea Heavily Oxidized 50 - 75 mg


Table 1: Estimated Caffeine Content of True Teas


What does caffeine in rose oolong do?


For starters, caffeine is an almost instantaneous boost to your overall alertness. That means increased breathing and heart rate and greater physical energy. Just by drinking a cuppa. 


That’s a ton of benefits you wouldn’t want to miss, especially if you’re tired and still need to get work done. 


Small wonder drinking a cuppa of rose oolong is good to wake your mornings up. Or, if you’re doing graveyard shifts: to keep you awake. 


Now, there’s more to caffeine than just an instant energy boost. 


Caffeine and L-theanine in rose oolong work hand in hand to strengthen your mental health. L-theanine manages the absorption of caffeine. This way, you get an overall mood and energy boost for far longer than caffeine working alone. 


So, watcha waiting for?


Celebrate World Mental Health Day by getting greater mental health protection now! Get that rose oolong tea habit today!



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