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Best Tapioca Pearls: 6 Most Delicious Bubble Tea Toppings to Escape the Scorching Summer

Best Tapioca Pearls: 6 Most Delicious Bubble Tea Toppings to Escape the Scorching Summer

In all its icy goodness, bubble tea could be the perfect antidote to negate the blistering heat everyone faces. Due to El Niño, the summer days are becoming longer, and the stretches of extreme weather are becoming hotter than before — the United Kingdom is no exception.

Insert ice-cold boba in the picture, and everything changes dramatically. The good news is you can make boba at home in a jiffy. What’s more, you can jazz it all up with the best tapioca pearls.

In this post, we will show you 6 of the most delicious tapioca pearl flavours you can make the most of to take your bubble tea experience a notch higher. And make your mouth water. 

Truth be told, it’s tough to come up with the most definitive list, as there are so many boba tea topping options. Thankfully, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. So, these 6 tapioca flavours shouldn’t disappoint — and we’re talking about everyone in the family. Read on. 


Tapioca Pearls: An Introduction

No doubt, tapioca pearls are heaven-sent. They’re chewy balls made from tapioca starch extracted from the cassava root that has become the go-to topping for bubble tea, Taiwan’s tea, milk, and sugar combo that has risen steadily to become the planet’s obsession since the 80s. 

By nature, tapioca pearls are usually white or black in colour and have a mild and slightly sweet taste. They can also be flavoured with different ingredients to add more colour and taste to the drinks. 

WARNING: Tapioca pearls need to be cooked right to be enjoyed. Or they can become too soft and ugly. Fortunately, processing them is a walk in the park

In short, they add more pizzazz to the drink, not to mention give your health a timely boost. And they’re nothing short of being timely, too, for the sweltering heat.


Top 6 Tapioca Pearls to Cool Your Summer 

Top 6 Tapioca Pearls to Cool Your Summer


Which tapioca flavour is the best to fight the hot summer? Though a choice is a matter of personal preference, it also depends on what kind of tea or milk base you use for your bubble tea. 

Below are 6 of the most delicious tapioca flavours you can grab to make your homemade bubble tea as appealing as possible for everyone this summer. Plus, we’ve listed some factors to consider when choosing your favorite flavour:


Strawberry Tapioca 

A fan favourite, this flavour has a bright red colour and a sweet and tangy taste. That means it carries a lemon taste and is a bit sour. And that could spell inviting for you. 

Strawberry tapioca pearls go well with green tea or black tea bases and can be paired with milk or creamer. These are perfect for those who love a classic fruit flavour and a vibrant look.


Grape Tapioca

This sought-out flavour has a deep purple colour and a sweet and sour taste. It’s recommended best with oolong or black tea bases and can be paired with milk or creamer. 

If you’re in for a rich fruit flavour and a dark look, you’ll love grape tapioca pearls. Who doesn’t love grapes, right? Just a bit of perspective: Grapes are the third most popular among consumers, with bananas and apples as frontrunners. 


Lychee Tapioca

Another popular flavour is lychee tapioca. These balls come out in pale pink colour and bear a sweet and floral taste. FYI, lychee is a small rounded fruit native to Asia that will shock you with its thin, rough skin (like grapes with goosebumps) that harbors a sweet white-scented flesh and a large central stone.

The refreshing fruity tang that’s lychee tapioca pearls makes it an ideal drink to fight the sweltering heat of the sun this summer. It’s one energy booster everyone in the household would love. 

Lychee tapioca pearls work well with green tea or jasmine tea bases and can also be paired with milk or creamer. They are perfect for those who love a delicate fruit flavour and a light look.


Passion Fruit Tapioca

If you’re looking to catch looks, the bright yellow colour of passion fruit will surely give you assurances. Plus, its sweet and tart taste can be another come-on. 

This goes well with green tea or black tea bases and can also be paired with milk or creamer. Passion fruit tapioca pearls are just the kind of attraction you want if you’re in the market for those tropical fruit flavours and a sunny look.


Mango Tapioca

Mangoes are exceptionally sweet, and this tapioca has all that in mind. Its golden orange colour and sweet and juicy taste should wow everyone in the family, including the little ones. 

Mango tapioca pearls go well with green tea or black tea bases and can also be paired with milk or creamer. They’re perfect for those who love a smooth fruit flavour and a warm look.



How to Make the Best Iced Tapioca Bubble Tea Drink


Of course, what would an iced boba tea be if you don’t customize it? Mix and match different tapioca pearl flavours to create your unique combination. Exploring will surely add fun to your summer

Indeed, flavored tapioca pearls are a fun and easy way to customize your bubble tea and make it more delicious and colourful. Try different flavours of tapioca pearls and enjoy your iced homemade boba with great gusto this summer. 

Just one caveat. If you want a really cold bubble tea, set aside the tapioca boba in the prep stage. Here’s what you do: 


  • Get a cocktail shaker.
  • Get the ice cubes ready. 
  • Combine the milk, the tea base, and your desired number of ice cubes.
  • Shake vigorously (as you would in a cocktail).
  • Pour the mix into a glass of tapioca pearls and more ice cubes. 

    That’s how the best tapioca pearls in bubble tea let you escape the scorching summer heat!

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