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TAPIOCA PEARLS BoBa Original Flavour (500G)


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  • Authentic Taiwan Tapioca Pearls
  • No artificial sugar added, vegetarian  
  • Ready to Eat : Hot water in 10 minutes
  • Suitable for Bubble Tea, Hot or Cold serving
  • 1 Pack - 500g /pack , 100% imported from Taiwan


Tapioca pearls (木薯珍珠) are balls that are made from starch and infused with a caramel like syrup. They go great with traditional milk tea from Taiwan or other sweet tea.

The Tapioca pearls can be enjoyed after just 10 Mins in Hot Water. The chewy texture is made freshly cooked, no added preservatives. It is also convenient, fast and safe. You can enjoy the deliciousness of real ingredients at home. It is very suitable for gifts and personal use.

Who can resist tapioca pearls?

If there was anything that would make bubble tea so mouth-watering delicious, those chewy boba pearls would have to be top of that list. Not only can you mould them to your wishes (just about any size, texture, colour, and flavour) but also their aesthetic nature helps make bubble tea appear so magical. Small wonder the drink conquered the planet in no time.

For years, chewy tapioca balls have risen steadily to the top, making a name for themselves as a most essential bubble tea ingredient. Technically, they are cheaper than traditional sago pearls. However, know that if there was one ingredient that made bubble tea a “superstar” tea, tapioca is top of that list.

The Myriad Health Benefits Of Tapioca Pearls

Yes, those magical balls in your boba drink are healthy. For starters, know that tapioca is gluten-free. Small wonder it has been a popular substitute for wheat flour. If you want, you can find tapioca starch in many supermarkets and health food outlets. Just look for the gluten-free section.

Step 1: Tapioca balls

Prep the tapioca balls as instructed of the packing.

Step 2: Prep brown sugar syrup

Make the syrup, take 1 cup of muscovado sugar and 1 cup of water, putting them inside one pot. Boil the mix and once boiled, simmer the heat, stirring occasionally. The goal is to make caramel. So look for a thick, molasses-like consistency. Once you’ve got the right texture, let cool.

Step 3: Milk and tea

Next, boil your 1 and ½ milk (oat milk preferably). Once boiling, put in the mix your tea powder leaves or tea bags into the pot. Once the tea is in, steep for 3 to 5 minutes. Such a method of steeping should give you a full-bodied black tea. Once the steeping is complete, do away with the leaves or the tea bags. You can use a strainer for that purpose. Let cool.

Step 4: Mix and enjoy

Grab your glass. Put in the cooled-down milk tea mix, tapioca balls, syrup and ice cubes. Then using a spoon, stir for about 1 to 2 minutes. Enjoy It!

Customer Reviews

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Hooked on Bubble Tea

Got hooked on bubble tea and wanted to try and make it at home. This product is excellent.

DIY rather than buying

Got hooked on bubble tea and wanted to try and make it at home. This product is excellent. I find cooking it between 2-3 minutes, exactly 2 1/2 makes these perfectly soft and chewy. Only cook what you need for that day. These get hard after that. That's probably true for any tapioca pearls.

Tapioca Add ons

Best place for Milk tea lovers. little costly but worth for the taste. With a touch of Tapioca my favorite, but there are many flavors hot or cold that you can try.

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