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Chérie Black Soybean Essence 7 packs 田心里黑精淬七包盒裝


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Elegant outer box design, selected black beans traceable from Taiwan, each bag is filled with black bean essence (93 times the nutrition of black bean tea on the market), the most practical gift to nourish the body and touch the soul! Added with milk, honey or coffee, it is suitable for groups who need nutritional supplements and maintain health. Also helpful for those who are breastfeeding and postpartum recovery.

Product Features:
Taiwan's patented extraction technology, One pack of black soybean essence is equal to 500g black bean nutrition.
Low calorie, no caffeine, no added sugar, no artificial flavours.
Suitable for postoperative repair, health care, postpartum breastfeeding, etc.





Package: 100ml x 7 Bags


The strong antioxidant properties of black beans are largely due to their high concentration of anthocyanins, they are also an excellent source of plant-based protein to aid physical recovery, and their rich dietary fiber can aid digestion.

Suitable for drinking: overuse of the eyes, postoperative repair, health care, postpartum breastfeeding, etc. However, if you have poor kidney function, bloating, gout, uterine fibroids, or breast cancer, it is recommended to reduce the intake of black beans. Drink it once a week for daily health care, and use it twice to the third time for breastfeeding.



適合飲用人士:用眼過度、術後修復、養身保健、產後哺乳等。但若有腎功能不佳、易脹氣體質、 痛風 、子宮肌瘤 、 乳癌的人,建議減少黑豆攝取量。每週飲用一次用於日常保健,使用兩次至第三次用於哺乳。

    Brewing Instructions

    Add 100ml-200ml hot water or ice and mix well.
    Soak the sachet in hot water to warm it up or drink it directly.
    Add some honey or milk depending on your favorite. You can also add it to cooking.



    Our Promise
    • The product has passed SGS food certification.
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